free heavy duty shredding bags

Turtle Document Management are able to shred and recycle any documents, scanned or not. A certificate of destruction is also supplied.

Are you paying month on month bills for document storage needlessly? Many companies continue to do so because the effort involved in the removal of the boxes or bags is a laborious one. Turtle can do this for you by collecting the data direct from the storage facility and shredding it for you. The cost of this can often be cheaper than one month’s rental of the unit itself. We can also bag or box any data sitting in your offices for you.

Regular scheduled collections can be made or one off purging jobs are also catered for.

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free heavy duty boxes


Turtle can also supply heavy duty bags or boxes prior to the collection date free of charge



Turtle can supply these lockable consoles to ensure your GDPR compliance.

Digital Imaging is recognised as being a more efficient method of paper based document management, for retrieval purposes and as an alternative means of storage.

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Dramatically decreases the physical space used to store documents; Thousands of images can be stored in a minimum of computer drive or server capacity.


Rapidly reduces document retrieval time, data can be accessed in seconds rather than in minutes or hours.


This can be uploaded directly to the clients server or can be provided on disc, memory stick or any other preferred media. Turtle can also provide a fully hosted service that is accessed via a secure website.

Once your documents have been scanned, they can be destroyed, this will eliminate any further storage costs to your organisation. The data is securely shredded and recycled and a certificate of destruction is supplied. Turtle can also carry out one off purging jobs for shredding or accommodate regular collections.

H M Revenue & Customs will accept electronic data. Click Here to read more about how you can have a paperless office.


“We have been with Turtle Document Management since they first set up (I believe we are their founding client). For us, it is a clean, tidy and efficient way of dealing with reams of paperwork that would otherwise clutter up the offices and backrooms of the organisation.”

Wayne Martin,
Head of Financial Systems,
Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising

“We used Turtle to clear both our office and storage facility. For the storage facility clearance we left them to it and they returned the key to us once the job was done.”

Gillian Kirk,
Begbies Accountants


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